Writing great headlines is a topic that is widely discussed. A key part of your blogging strategy is
getting people to click on your article. But how do you begin the article?

10% of everyone who lands on an article never scrolls down. So how can you encourage them
to do so? Writing a compelling introduction is one way.

1. Keep your first sentence short.

People are attracted to shorter content because it can be read easily. Keeping your sentences
meaningful and short would help generate more interest in the reader as compared to lengthier
and complicated sentence structures. Don’t forget to add in extra punch.

2. Say something unusual.

Something unusual does not mean something inappropriate. You did a good job if your first
sentence is odd enough to make people want to read the next one. If you start off with
something boring or predictable, you may lose readers

3. Don’t repeat the title.

The readers have read the little, so you do not have to write it over and over again. Instead, take
a chance to create a cushion for the rest of the article.

4. Keep the introduction brief.

There is no definitive answer to the question of how long an introduction should be. However,
readers are short on patience. They want to get to the content as quickly as possible. If you’re
writing an article, don’t bury the information deep inside. Get to the point.

5. Use the word “you” at least once.

The word “you” has tremendous power. It is a way of showing the reader that you, the author,
have their interests in mind as you write the article. The piece you’re writing should resonate
with them because you empathize with them, care about them, and care about their feelings. It’s
a simple technique that establishes an important connection with your reader.

6. Dedicate 1-2 sentences to explaining why the article is important.

Although the importance of your article to your readers may be obvious to you, it may not be
obvious to them. Your article should make it clear why it is important for them to know the
information you cover.

7. Use a stat or a fact to convey importance

In the beginning of news stories, journalists often give readers an eye-catching stat or fact about
what’s happening. As a blogger or any other type of writer, a really interesting stat or fact will
draw your reader in and show them why your topic is really important.