Guest posting is quite a common trend among all the bloggers. It is not only a smart move to get
some of the traffic back at your website but also to build a strong backlink profile. No matter how
tough it might seem to start, it is worth it in the end. So, do not worry if you do not know how to
write a perfect guest post pitch. We got you covered.

Once you learn how to go about it, you would be nailing your guest post pitches every time. The
major aspect is to think with a strategy and have complete knowledge of your audience. When it
comes to the audience, you would probably want to consider them as the blog that you pitch to
and your targeted reader.

There are some of the things that need a special mention in this post before we begin:

  1.  The number one reason that your pitch will not be accepted is because of the grammatical errors
    and spelling mistakes. It would be quite apparent that you have not worked on your pitch and
    used a general public template, thus, making it lack any personalization too.
  2.  If there is anything that might help you save your guest post pitch to go into the trash is by
    including an interesting and engaging topic outline that would show your expertise in the field.
  3. The two things that would attract the editor is a list of engaging topics that you suggest and a
    personalized email that would incorporate your ideas and suggestions.
  4. In fact, at least 25 percent of the editors say that 90 percent or the pitches that they receive are so
    bad that they don’t even read it properly- it is straight-up garbage material.
  5. Most of the editors do not like informal language or sugar-coated compliments because this is
    something that is included in many templates. This infers a lack of enthusiasm.


It is great to know that the more personal your guest post pitch is, the more you can expect. In a
recent survey, it was shown that a number of SEO executives and professionals said that the
most difficult part of link building is to get the blog owners to reply to the guest post pitch and
approve it. This is why we have compiled some of the things that you can keep in mind to draft your perfect guest post pitch.

Step 1 – Visit the blog you want to target and read at least 10 posts on it.

If there is a specific blog that you want to target, you must reach out to them and understand
what their style of writing is. You need to make a note of all the nitty-gritty of their blog posts by
analyzing the topics and research that went into those posts. The only way you can really get to know this is by spending time on their blog and comprehending their posts. Take some time out of your day and give it a look even if it is when you get into bed after a long day of work.


Step 2 – Make an interaction by commenting on their blog.

The next step after you are fully cognizant of their blogs, you must start actively interacting with
them by posting comments, for example. In order to do this, you must select at least 3 of the posts that you can read and then share your views with an in-depth comment. Customize your comment by asking for some suggestions that you think might add value to what you have posted. This will help you to be noticed by these editors and get them to see your name and learn more about who you are.

Step 3 – Make an introduction.

After your comments have been approved by the author, wait for a few days and they send a
well-made email where you must introduce yourself. Tell them why you love their blog and try to
show interest in their business. This is a great way to break the ice. It is important that you write the email in a very professional manner because otherwise, they would not have any reason to respond. Do not shower them with compliments and instead ask them for suggestions to get them engaged. Many professionals are happy to help and thus you will develop a bond with them.


Step 4 – Expect the response.

Expecting a response is optimistic but you have to be patient about it. Sometimes it might come
the same day while other times, it would take days! In case you have not received a response even after 2 to 3 days, you must send a follow-up email. Wait for another 3 to 4 days if you still do not get a response and then move on to the next step. If you get a reply, you can instantly move on to the next step. This step is also highly dependent on the fact that they are actively posting guests posts or not.


Step 5 – Send them your pitch email.

This is one of the most important parts because your rejection or acceptance totally depends on
it. Since you have already worked hard to get to this step, it is important that you handle this
with utmost care. You wouldn’t want to mess this one up by sending something which is not
worth it. Here are some of the tips that will help you write a great guest post pitch.


Make it personalized:

If you have done each step with proper care then let us assume that your dream blog site has
replied back! If this is the case, then this is the time that you get personal with them. Simply
reply to email and then ease your way into pitching for yourself.

If you have multiple emails to write, make sure that you spend sufficient time to write
personalized emails for everyone. As a matter of fact, it is quite true that a copied template
email is rather easier to spot than anything else. The logic is pretty simple: If you do not care
enough about the blog to write them a personalized mail, the probability is that they wouldn’t
show any interest in your guest post either.


Give them 3-5 ideas for posts:

Make sure that you are giving them 3 to 5 article ideas which are really great and you are
interested to write for them. All you need is to write the titles for the sample blog posts. This will make them believe that you have a plan already to draw the audience towards compelling content. Make sure that your title is creative enough to attract their attention. You would definitely have to put your best foot forward and give them your best idea.

Make your headings elating: “An SEO Scheme So Easy Your Dog Could Do It.”

This specific thing can lead you to get many guest blog posts. Compelling titles are always a
deal maker.

See How Other Guest Posts Do:

If your goal is to build authority and drive traffic over your blog, you must make sure that you
check out how the performance of other guest posts is. You might want to know if the other
bloggers are doing well? Are there as many social media shares or comments as there are on
the blog post of the owner? While sites might easily accept the guest blog posts, there are
chances that the audience only turns up for the blog owner.


See Who the Guest Bloggers Are:

Some blog owners have a tendency to accept guest posts by particular kinds of people. So
while you research, do analyze this tendency. Follow those bloggers, freelancers, consultants,
etc to see their bios. This would help you with tips on how to introduce yourself to the blog
owner for your own guest post pitch.


Find Out What Posts Do the Best:

To make sure that your post gets accepted with the owner, you will have to spend time finding
out which posts do well with their audience, and then send topics related to it. There are many
sites that can help you access the popularity level of particular posts.


Become a Familiar Face in the Blog Community:

If you want to get accepted by the guest blogger, you would want to become familiar with the
owner first. You can also share their posts, along with adding some comments, to twitter or
Facebook, with their usernames. This way, you would not be a total stranger.


Find the Best Times to Pitch a Guest Post:

It is not necessary that you will always have the right time or perfect opportunity to pitch a guest
post, However, there are some situations which you can take advantage of when pitching. One such situation is when you get mentioned by some blog on their social media channel. Another situation is when any blog lists you, your business profile, or your product in any of their posts. Or maybe pitch in when the blog you are targeting is actively looking for a guest post. And finally, when the blog publishes another guest post.

Pitching guest posts might not seem like the easiest job to do and it may require a lot of
patience from your side. However, now that you have all the tools for it, we wish you good luck!