It doesn’t matter what your business model is, in the end, the priority is to make the customers buy your product or service. And in this globalized, highly-competitive world, creating a quality product is not enough to convince people.

You need to use a big amount of persuasion on them.

Even if you see this as a big inconvenience for your business, you need to embrace these challenges. Here you have 7 tactics to convince customers to buy what you are selling.

Canalize the Benefits and Be Brief About It

Your potential customer doesn’t have enough time or interest to read an entire 2000-word essay about why your product is so great. Make things easier to understand and briefly canalize how the product or service you are offering will benefit the user in the many aspects of his or her life. Keep it short and concrete.

Make Clear Why You Product is Unique

You will probably have competitors, offering products or services like yours. How to create a clear distinction that benefits what you are selling? You need to point out the uniqueness of the product, placing it apart from the competition. If your market is crowded, you need to invest more effort in this point.

Always Project an Expert Impression

At the moment you offer something, no matter if you are doing it online, you have a voice. This voice must be highly professional and project that you are an expert in the matter of interest. Customers like to buy from the experts, people who know what they are talking about. Be that expert.

Keep Your Proposal Always Original

If a customer is searching online for a product or service and find two proposals that look almost the same, you can be absolutely sure that, at least, one of the brands involved will suffer an unrepairable damage. Because of this, a way to convince is paying attention to originality. Look what your competition is doing and avoid similar content.

Offer Any Form of Demonstration

Customers want to see how the product they are about to buy actually works. Demonstrations are a great way to convince customers because they go deep into the unconsciousness, creating an impression of quality and effectiveness. If you are selling online, a video can be demonstrative enough to positively influence the buying process. If possible, trials of the product are a fantastic way to push forward the purchase.

Develop Promotions and Bonuses When Possible

Analyze your finances and study the possibility to offer promotions and bonuses along with your product or service. A classic way to convince customers to buy is by making them an offer they cannot refuse. If there is a great value for the price, you can be sure of the persuasive potential.

Guarantee Accessibility to the Brand

Being a transparent, always-accessible business allows you to convince more customers to buy what you are selling. People these days are skeptical, especially those on the Internet. Trust is at record lows, so it’s important to give an impression of reliability. Establish an effective contact channel and be always there.

Blog 5 : The Rule of Seven: How it will help your online marketing campaign

Rule of Seven is not only one of the oldest but consistent concepts in the arena of marketing. This rule says that a prospective buyer seriously considers buying after seeing or hearing a marketing message at least for seven times. There are many reasons behind this repetition. You cannot make your buyer trust you and buy your product at first instance; it requires repetition to build up trust in your buyer to consider your product. It envisages a very simple philosophy that as much you interact with a thing that much it will be familiar to you and once it is familiar to you, it becomes the part of your memory, and when it becomes a part of your memory it propels you to keep in touch with it – that’s what a marketing guy wants!

Why 7 and not 4, 5, 6, …?

The most significant part of this rule is not the number, but the message. However, the number 7 has been used because it is considered as a lucky number by the majority, a number of great power and a number of psychic and mystical powers. On a funny note, it is said that the number 7 is so powerful that number 10 is afraid of it because seven (ate) nine!

Why is it so Important in Online Marketing?

There are many factors which command this rule to come to the fore especially in the case of Online Marketing-

Noise Factor

In today’s digital world, you are among the thousands to compete for your product. Now and then there comes pop-up of different brands on the buyer’s screen and in order to make feel the presence of your product, the Rule of Seven comes handy. Repetition of your message is the only way to stand out your product amongst this noisy market. You will leave an impact in the reader’s mind by showing your ad multiple times.

Update Factor

The perspective is always interested in the latest versions of the product, so, if you do not keep your product updated, it means you are out of the race and the odds of your product to be considered by the buyers become grim.

Familiarity Factor

The buyer does not know you, and the only way to make him familiar is the repetition of your messages. Let the buyer know you as many times as possible and the “Rule of Seven” is that thing which may help you out in this.

Use of Social Media

Nowadays, social media is the most powerful platform to interact with your buyers and with the aid of this rule i.e. “Rule of Seven”; you can make it even more prevailing.

So, even being an old concept, the “Rule of Seven” is pretty relevant in today’s scenario and the hidden message of this rule is to keep repeating your message because someone has quoted that “Repetition Makes Reputation and Reputation Makes Customers.”